About Us



Our story started as a little bit of healthy competition between a father and son. The goal was to create the best version of the popular wooden flags that we had seen all over the internet. Of course, I (Royce) believe that I won that competition hands down. That first flag still hangs over our fireplace. It isn't perfect. The sizing is off, the stars are hand chiseled, and the mounting hardware is far from what we use now. However, that flag is a reminder of where we started and just how far we've come!

Withers Customs is a small, family business that's currently run out of our home garage. Wooden flags are our passion but we offer a variety of items from carved wood signs to vinyl decals for your car. Our dreams for this company are ever expanding! We want to ensure that we send out the best products we can, while providing everything you need to display your purchase proudly. Our flags and signs come with high quality mounting hardware. There's no guesswork on your part!